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Welcome to AWWA N G O's Site



Affus Woman Welfare Association (AWWA) is a  Non-Governmental Organisation established in 1999.  Registred Under societies registration act.  Registered in Karnataka Registration act also. Affus Women Welfare Association (AWWA) is a socio-economic Association established an aim to improve the social, economic and mental condition of the Children’s  and women at Grass root level, since these 9 years we are  conducting Health, Community Development, Educational, and Skill and Vocational Programmes.

    As an organization with social concern Affus Womans Welfare Association (AWWA) has embarked upon a programme to educate the under privilege  women. The under privilege  women face triple trouble of class, caste and gender. These hapless creatures could be used as tools to bring about a transformation in the society, by imparting skills useful in gaining livelihood. We are working in both urban and rural areas to make the under privilege  women self-reliant is one of the ways to emancipate them from the yoke of caste discrimination

Our Main activities are:

  1. Women Empowerment through livelihood
  2. Skill and Vocational training for under privilege  women and widows
  3. Awareness camps for slum and rural women
  4. Medical and Health  awareness camps
  5. Adult Education
  6. Orphan support programmes.

AWWA believes that the people who are underprivileged can improve their living conditions only when they realize their potential and become self reliant. In order to achieve this, AWWA is committed to

ü      Sustainable economic development through income generation.


ü      Poverty Reduction and women empowerment.


ü      AWWA’s objective is to support the greater national initiative of poverty reduction by its activities.

Women in these areas, particularly Minority  communities, are mostly deprived of many rights like Right to Education and Right to earn a Livelihood. Their conditions are further worsened when the families in question are poor and are themselves suffering from lack of basic necessities. Widows suffer even more so then the breadwinner of the family is lost.

Our aim to all Children’s and Women  have the basic right to dignity and self-determination, and all people should have the opportunity and choice of cultivating their own potential.

Cultural and Social norms in these areas also prevent women from attaining benefits and the desired standards of living.

Women in our target areas mostly work in menial jobs that don’t pay well. Vocational and Skill  is a trade that is predominantly done by women. Then by training them to earn a livelihood, we are empowering them to have better life circumstances. Adding literacy to the program does value addition to the capacity building of these women.

Our work involves understanding rural livelihoods systems through research, building women's savings and credit groups, providing enterprise support and linkages, literacy support, and researching reproductive health.

Experience has shown us that effective development requires maintaining long term relationships with people and working to understand their needs and situation holistically in order to enable their self-driven journeys towards empowerment and self-sufficiency. Experience also shows that effective improvement of rural livelihoods needs to incorporate poverty, gender, and environmental aspects as co-equal motivating factors.

  AWWA supports women's empowerment of a varied but interlinked nature. It is AWWA's belief that one enlightened and committed woman can set aglow a 1000 candles. Our mission therefore is to light these individual candles who will in turn bring light into the lives of many, and change the world for the better.

AWWA’s mission is to help people to gain direct control over their own situations by expanding the capacity of vulnerable and poor people, especially women, to improve their lives, primarily through increasing their income-earning ability

A brief profile of the areas we have been working, our
work and some outstanding experiences have been outlined for the benefit of our readers. This gives the reader an idea of the extent of our work and its success.


The enterprise and skill training programme is having a direct impact on the behavioural and managerial qualities of its beneficiaries, which is reflected by the following aspects that were observed:

        Many have imbibed the positive qualities of punctuality and professional attitude towards their entrepreneurial work.

        Team interaction among women from various villages has been strengthened.

        They have been now updated not only in technical skills like Cutting and tailoring, Zari Zardosi kasuti, Beautician course,  saree& bedsheet  painting,soft toys, pot dacoration, banjara work, mehandi designing, Beautician skills etc but also in the soft skills of communication and negotiation.